Authentic glass craftsmanship since 1964

Parise Giovanni Soffieria is in Marostica (Vicenza, Italy), in corso della Ceramica 18.

The company was founded in 1964 by the craftsman Giovanni Battista Parise, the authentic creator of a new art, based on the processing, with the lamp torch technique, of the Pyrex glass tube, which he had learned at a very young age in Switzerland and who contributed to develop and innovate.

The art of glass as a cultural heritage of a community. This is how Soffieria Parise has always conceived it, making it a reason for opening up to society.

Visits to the company are part of this philosophy, during which guests learn about the history of glass in Marostica, observe the creatives at work and talk with them, get to know the range of products made by the company. There are numerous schools and tourist groups who want to understand the peculiarities of local crafts.

There are also numerous events, such as exhibitions and work shops, through which the company promotes the added value of the art of glass. “Poesia in canto”, organized with the patronage of the City of Marostica, is the main event desired by Soffieria Parise, with the aim of enriching the musical repertoire intended for children and young people, involving the most active choirs: in this area it is also the “Giovanni Battista Parise Award, master of blown glass” was awarded to students of artistic courses.