The glass of Marostica since 1964

An art that has become part of the identity of a territory

The company was founded in 1964 by the “Master Craftsman” Giovanni Battista Parise, the authentic creator of a new art, based on the processing of the pyrex glass tube, with the lamp torch technique, which he had learned at a very young age in Switzerland and who contributed to develop and innovate.

Year after year, Giovanni Battista Parise’s business has grown, receiving awards for “Economic Progress” and his workshop has become the hub of training for numerous glass artisans and artists. The company continues today to maintain its distinctive craftsmanship under the management of the founder’s children, Monica, Luigi and Roberto.

The product

Objects and accessories with a special “light”

Glass processing is something extremely flexible and continuously innovative. Alongside the classic products, there are in fact many others required by a constantly evolving market, which require almost daily updating. All creations are made according to traditional artisan techniques, using borosilicate glass of the highest quality, exclusively within the company in Marostica (Vicenza – Italy).

The capacity for research, design and technical solutions is extremely advanced in the production of furnishing and table accessories and also responds to the specific requests of customers, interior decorators, designers fascinated by the special light that glass creations can give to the environment..

Customers and Markets

In Italy and in over twenty countries the magic of our creations

Each year the glass creations of the Soffieria Parise in Marostica reach the national market and over twenty countries in the world, directly supplying a network of exclusive importers, trusted stores and chain stores.

For some customers, exclusive and prestigious lines are created in synergy.

The Soffieria Parise is open to society with scheduled company visits for schools and tourist groups who want to understand the particularity of blown glass processing.

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